Consultation, training and custom-made cyber solutions

In addition to the Company’s proven product and system solutions, Dompas Technologies provides full consultancy and integration services in the fields of IT & Communications security and cyber protection – to both commercial and governmental organizations worldwide.

These services enable such organizations to maximize the security level of their communication and computer networks, and minimize the risks of data theft, eavesdropping and cyber damages.

Our service includes a thorough, in-depth study of the organization’s telecommunication and computerized network(s), its overall operations, future goals and plans, and a survey of all potential threats – present and future. We identify possible vulnerabilities and weak links, and accordingly, formulate a precise plan to maximize the organization’s networks’ security level. according to the strictest international security standards.

After the plan is finalized, Dompas Technologies can either serve as a consultancy firm – accompanying the design and implementation of the plan all the way to completion, or as the plan’s main integrator.